Create a Career Plan

Creating a career plan can help you get the most out of your time at MSU and better prepare you for life after graduation. Regardless of your career interests, it’s important to take the right classes and get good grades, pursue work and internship opportunities, and be involved in campus activities. Most professional jobs require a wide range of demonstrated skills, accomplishments, and work-related experiences. 

Use your time at MSU to explore your options, prepare professionally, and make connections. Engage in activities (like the ones listed below) throughout your time on campus to become more well-rounded and to find a career path that is meaningful to you. Plan to meet with a Career Advisor often to work through the steps.


Research shows that your professional purpose is important. When people have a strong sense of purpose in life, they tend to be happier and more successful. Students who feel a sense of purpose are more likely to achieve higher grades, engage in deep and meaningful learning, graduate from college, and be healthy (psychologically and physically). Young adults who have a sense of purpose after college are more likely to be satisfied in their life and work. 

Purpose is defined as:

  • The feeling of being determined to do or achieve something
  • The aim or goal of a person
  • What a person is trying to do or become

You can begin to explore purpose by examining your:

  • Skills and Abilities (what you’re good at)
  • Passions and interests (what you like to do)
  • Work/Life Values (what is important to you)
  • Societal Needs (ways you want to help others)

Take a look at the Career Compass and Odyssey Planning exercises for a deeper look at purpose.